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On heavily traveled roads in Adrsley there are many situations in which motorists may find themselves facing a traffic ticket. Including common traffic citations like speeding, running a red light, failing to yield at a stop sign, reckless driving or failing to yield to a pedestrian. New York State also has a number of laws that control the use of electronic devices while driving, including Vehicle & Traffic Law 1225-c, which prohibits the use of a cell phone behind the wheel. Adrsley traffic ticket lawyer Elisa Claro and the traffic ticket lawyers at The Claro Law Firm can help you determine an appropriate response if you have been issued a ticket.

Contesting A Traffic Ticket In Westchester County

There are two main ways that you may receive a traffic ticket. First, a police officer has the authority to stop you and issue a ticket for a traffic infraction committed in his or her presence. Second, a traffic camera in the Adrsley area that catches a driver committing an infraction, like running a red light, will take a picture of the driver’s license plate and mail a ticket to the driver’s address.

After you receive a ticket, you may think that your only option is to plead guilty to the charge. This is not true and may not be an advisable course of action for you, depending on your circumstances. According to New York law, sending a check in relation to a traffic camera ticket constitutes an admission of guilt. Infractions may result in a monetary penalty, points being added to your driving record or both. Accruing a certain number of points within a specific time period may ultimately jeopardize your driving privileges and trigger an increase in auto insurance premiums.

Instead of pleading guilty, some drivers may prefer to contest a ticket. A driver may choose to dispute a ticket in person, online or by mail. To obtain a favorable outcome, you would need to show that you did not commit the accused violation stated in the ticket. For example, many drivers in Westchester County receive tickets based on their cell phone use behind the wheel, which may result in five points on their license. Cell phone tickets are based on a New York traffic law that provides that drivers may not operate a motor vehicle on a public highway “while using a mobile telephone to engage in a call while such vehicle is in motion.” While this rule may sound simple, each of its elements has a specific definition provided by other regulations and there is a presumption that a driver is engaged in a call if they are holding a cell phone near their ear. To challenge the ticket, the driver will need to prove that one or more of these elements is not met and potentially overcome the presumption. Rather than going it alone and risking the five points on your record, you should enlist the guidance of an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

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After receiving a traffic ticket, make sure that you do not ignore it, and make sure to handle it in the right way. It may seem overwhelming, but the best thing to do is to edcuate yourself. Knowing how the New York State traffic laws can affect your driving ability is important. So make sure to find out what your options are, like the consequence of pleading guilty and paying the fine. Do this before you make a decision on how to handle your traffic ticket. The easiest way to do this is through a free consultation with an experienced traffic lawyer. Westchester County traffic ticket attorney Elisa Claro standing by to fight your traffic tickets for you. The process is simple, so give yourself peace of mind and save money by calling The Claro Law Firm. We have handled many matters involving motor vehicle violations and related issues, such as the license restoration process. Call us at 917-300-3334 or contact us online for a free appointment with a traffic ticket or license restoration attorney.

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My grandmother and I hired Elisa Claro, Esq. for a ticket that I received shortly before moving out of state. She responded in a professional manner and quickly at that. She got my 5 point ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has received a ticket and needs a lawyer.

Makenly C.

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