From West Coast to East Coast, Elisa settled in New York and holds three degrees from business and law school, all marked with high Latin honors.

While still in law school, Elisa’s legal experience began with hands on training as a student attorney. This exposed her to civil, criminal, regulatory and administrative law; it creates a well-rounded balance and provides Elisa with an advantage when resolving client’s legal issues. She also has the upper hand in training under, work with, and learn from the best attorneys in the field; and readily puts this specialized knowledge and experience to work for client of The Claro Law Firm.

Difficult and challenging matters that require handcrafted defenses and dedication are not new to Elisa. Cases that require superior patience and negotiation skills (like driver license revocations for alcohol and drug related driving offenses) are routine in her workload. She knows how to present a trial and argue legal issues. And advocates for clients through special motions, DMV hearings to prevent motorists from losing his or her driving privileges and restoring suspended or revoked driving privileges.

Elisa takes much satisfaction in helping clients by fixing their problems and saving them time and money. The Claro Law Firm clients are most happy with Elisa’s professionalism, personal attention to each case and fantastic results.

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Client Reviews

My grandmother and I hired Elisa Claro, Esq. for a ticket that I received shortly before moving out of state. She responded in a professional manner and quickly at that. She got my 5 point ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has received a ticket and needs a lawyer.

Makenly C.

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