Driving Without Insurance

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According to New York State law, each driver must have an auto insurance policy in order to drive. Driving a motor vehicle in this state without an insurance policy is considered a criminal offense that carries serious penalties. According to the New York Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, each driver must maintain an insurance policy that provides 25/50/25 coverage. Statistics report that over five percent of drivers choose to violate this law. However, this subjects them to serious potential consequences. Dedicated Westchester County traffic ticket lawyer Elisa Claro has guided many motorists through legal issues involving driving without insurance allegations.

Penalties For Driving Without Insurance

When a police officer performs a routine traffic stop, they will typically ask you to present your insurance card. This may be either a paper document or an electronic proof of insurance. If a police officer stops you for a traffic violation and determines that you do not have an adequate car insurance policy, you may face serious penalties, including up to $1,500 in fines, an additional fee of $750 if your license is suspended, vehicle impoundment, jail time, and more. There are also penalties that may be assessed for allowing your car insurance to lapse, with the amount of the fine increasing for every 30 days that you fail to renew your coverage. For every instance that a police officer catches you driving without insurance or discovers that someone is driving your uninsured vehicle, you may face these severe penalties and fines.

Additionally, if you are involved in an accident but do not have vehicle insurance, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your registration and your license for at least one year following the incident. This applies even if another person was operating your uninsured vehicle when the crash occurred. For as long as your vehicle is registered in the State of New York, you must maintain liability coverage and comply with these rules.

Although it is never a good idea to drive without insurance, you may appeal a decision or challenge a ticket penalizing you for not having insurance. In some cases, a motorist may have insurance but lack any way of proving it to the police officer, either through an insurance card, a print out or digital proof. In this situation, you may be able defeat the charge by providing proof of insurance to the court.

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