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Losing the ability to get behind the wheel can be severely debilitating for some drivers. Whether you drive for your profession, you rely on a vehicle to get to and from work each day or you have childcare responsibilities, a car is often a critical part of your life. Westchester County license restoration attorney Elisa Claro has counseled many drivers regarding the license revocation and restoration process. At The Claro Law Firm, we can help you try to reinstate your license in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer, Elisa Claro understands the details of how this system functions while also appreciating the magnitude of what is at stake.

The Driver License Restoration Process In New York

A driver may lose her or her ability to driver through either a suspension or a revocation. A suspension is a temporary ban on your ability to drive. There are over a hundred grounds for suspending driving privileges but two or the most common reasons are being convicted of numerous traffic violations within a specific period of time and failing to answer a traffic ticket (summons). In this situation the method of restoring driving privileges depends on the reason for suspension. Restoration can be as simple as paying a fine or filing a motion with the court.

Driving privileges may also be revoked, or permanently cancelled. When driving privileges are revoked, a motorist will have to reinstate his or her driver license before being allowed to drive again. Common instances in which a driver license may be revoked include operating a vehicle without adequate car insurance, being involved in an accident as an uninsured motorist, being convicted of a drug- or alcohol-related driving infraction or making false statements on your application for a driver’s license or vehicle registration.

If you have had your driver’s license revoked, there are several steps that you may be able to take to restore your ability to drive. In most situations, you must first request and obtain approval from the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Driver Improvement Unit to apply for a license. If there are any fees or penalties assessed with the revocation, you must make sure that these are paid before you apply for a new license. In many cases, a driver will be asked to retake either the written test or the driving test or both. Moreover, if the DMV determines that you are a high-risk driver, which means that you have received a certain number of points for high-risk infractions like speeding during a specific time, your application for a new license may be denied. There are some specific requirements associated with certain infractions. When you received a desk appearance or traffic ticket for an alcohol-related offense, for example, you must submit proof that you have completed an acceptable rehabilitation program.

Seek Guidance From A License Restoration Attorney In Yonkers and White Plains

If your have lost your ability to drive due to a license suspension or revocation, the dedicated team at The Claro Law Firm is ready and  waitingto help you get back on the road. Not being able to drive is completely crippling, especially if you drive for a living. So, the best thing to do is educate yourself as to what your options are find out if a license restoration availe to you. This is where a free consultation with an experienced traffic lawyer comes into play. Westchester County license restoration lawyer Elisa Claro has assisted many motorists with navigating the complex New York traffic law system, and she is ready to do the same for you. The process is simple and done through email, regular mail, and online. She has represented people in communities such as White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Peekskill and Rye. Call us at 917-300-3334 or contact us online to schedule a free appointment if you need a license revocation attorney.

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