Ways To Make A Traffic Ticket Go Away in New York State

Traffic tickets are annoying, frustrating, and unplanned. No on wakes up with the goal of being issued a trafffic ticket. Ticket themselves create problems like points on a clean driving record, monetary penalties, and suspensions or revocations for drivers with too many points on their driving history. So, the big question is “How do I make a traffic ticket go away?”

Traffic violations will not “go away” on their own. If this were the case, traffic tickets would a useless penalty against a motorist. However, there are different ways to resolve or fight traffic tickets. Some resolutions involve going to court and others avoid court. In New York State the ways to resolve a traffic ticket are to plead guilty, plead not guilty and go to trial, plea bargain, or when offered, resolution via a Traffic Program.Plead Guilty

This means that a driver is not fighting the ticket. The formal procedure to plead guilty is to notifying the court of the guilty plea. Thereafter, the defendant must pay a fine to the court. A motorist who pleads guilty in person can immediately pay the fine while at the courthouse. Or, a motorist who pleads guilty by mail will be send a fine notice and can pay the fine by mail. Points associated with the infraction are then added to a defendant’s driving abstract after the fine is paid.

Plead Not Guilty And Go To Trial

Instead of pleading guilty, a driver opts to fight the ticket by letting the court know he is not guilty. To get to trial, a motorist must reject a plea to a lesser charge. At trial the accused defendant will have an opportunity to present his argument as to why he is not guilty of the traffic offense. It is then up to the Judge to decide whether or not a driver is guilty of the traffic violation. A guilty founding adds associated ticket points to the defendant’s driving abstract. A not guilty founding means no points accumulate to the motorist’s driving record.

To Plea Bargain

Should a motorist plead not guilty, the court will then issue a date and time for a driver to appear in court. At that time, he will have an opportunity to plea bargain (aka “negotiate”) a lesser offense with Police Officer or Prosecutor. Once an agreement is reached, the Judge will approve the negotiated agreement. Points may accrue to a driving abstract, depending on the negotiated plea.

Traffic Program

Some courts offer Traffic Programs as a way to resolve traffic tickets. There are requirements and a fee associated with the Program. Some of the fees can be pricey. After completing the Program, the court usually dismisses or reduces the original traffic violation. This process is more invovled since it often requires coordination with the local District Attorney’s Office. 

Once you have a ticket, do not make a costly mistake! Due diligence is crucial to understanding how the New York State traffic laws may affect your driving privileges. Start by educating yourself. Know what your options are, inclduing the consequence of pleading guilty and paying the fine. Make sure to do your homework BEFORE you make a quick decision that you may later regret. This is where a free consultation with an experienced traffic attorney is invaluable. And hiring a The Claro Law Firm can save you money and reduce or eliminate your traffic ticket points by letting your personal traffic ticket lawyer, The Claro Law Firm, fight your case. The process is simple and convenience as it is done through email, regular mail, and online.Deciding the best way to make your traffic ticket go away are specific to each driver. So, find out which option is best for you by taking advantage of our free traffic consultation: 917-300-3334. Or visit us online at www.lawredress.com. The Claro Law Firm serves all of New York State including Westchester County cities, towns and villages – including Pelham, White Plains, and Ardsley.

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My grandmother and I hired Elisa Claro, Esq. for a ticket that I received shortly before moving out of state. She responded in a professional manner and quickly at that. She got my 5 point ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has received a ticket and needs a lawyer.

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