Judgment of Separation

How to Convert a New York State Judgment of Separation into an Uncontested Divorce

A New York judgment of separation is similar to a separation agreement. The main difference is that a while a separation agreement was negotiated and agreed to by the spouses, a judgment of separation was ordered by a court. Like a separation agreement, a judgment of separation can be converted into an uncontested divorce. The rule is contained in Domestic Relation Law DLR § 170(5). Our Westchester County, NY uncontested divorce lawyers and attorneys are experts at converting both a separation agreement and a judgment of separation to an uncontested divorce. Out law firm is conveniently located in White Plains, NY near the Westchester County divorce court. If you want to convert your separation judgment into a divorce, our White Plains, New York uncontested divorce lawyers and attorneys have the skill and the know how to convert your separation to a divorce quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce After Judgment of Separation

A judgment of separation contains not just the requirement that the parties live separate and apart, but also other terms such as maintenance, child support, and the like. To convert a judgment of separation to an uncontested divorce, the parties must satisfy all the terms of the judgment of separation for more than one year after the judgment was granted.

Legal Effect of the Judgment of Separation Upon Divorce

When filing for a divorce subsequent to legal separation the legal separation document merges into the divorce decree and becomes the judgment of divorce. However, often time because situations have changed the terms may not be suitable long term. Our uncontested divorce lawyers can modify or amend the judgment of separation through the divorce proceeding to accurately reflects your needs, wants, and desires. Our uncontested divorce lawyers will review the judgment of separation, interview you, and make any amendments or modifications necessary to accurately reflect your wishes.

If you are living under the terms of a judgment of separation, or believe that a judgment of separation may be right for you in your situation, or want to convert your judgment of separation to a completed divorce, or have any other questions give our uncontested divorce lawyers a call. We talk to people with divorce questions every day and we’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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