No Seat Belt Ticket NYS VTL § 1229-c

“Buckle up, it’s the law.” The truth is that seat belts can save lives in a car accident. Adults know the consequences of not “buckling up” and bear the risk. But, children are different because they do not know the consequences of not wearing a seat belt like adult does. That is why the law and courts take this violation seriously, especially when it comes to children who are passengers in a car.

The Law

With few exceptions, the law basically says that in order to drive a car, the driver and all passengers must wear a seat belt. Pretty straight forward, but what are the consequences of a No Seat Belt ticket?

Monetary Penalties

Fines for No Seat Belt ticket run about $100 plus a mandatory surcharge of either $88 or $93. Although this does not seem like  much money, there are “hidden” cost that really add up. Pleading guilty to a New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1229-c  (VTL § 1229-c) No Seat Belt – Driver ticket can cost you thousands of dollars. What most drivers do not know is that this ticket will cause a car insurance increase. That is because car insurance companies function on an Insurance Demerit Point or Merit Rating Plan. Convictions of certain traffic infractions (tickets) will cause an auto insurance surcharge. Each insurance company determines the amount of the car insurance increase and duration, which can be for years. An auto insurance company can review a driver’s driving history for the past 3 years. If any merit system violations are found in the insured’s driving history, then the car insurance company can increase the insured’s premium.

Point Penalties

A No Seat Belt ticket issued to a driver carries 0 points and 3 points for a No Seat Belt ticket issued for a passenger.

Other Penalties To Keep In Mind

The same penalties may apply to out-of-state drivers who are issued a no seat belt ticket in Westchester County, or other counties in New York State.  A driver should be aware that an out of state no seat belt ticket can cause harm.

There is an agreement, or interstate compact, between the states known as The Driver License Compact. States have agreed to communicate driving information with one another and will report to the home state of non-resident information like traffic violation convictions. The driver’s home state will then treat the convicted violation as if it happened in the home state and apply local laws to the out-of-state offense.

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