Uncontested Divorce

New York State Uncontested Divorce

In New York State, you have the right to an uncontested divorce. The attorneys at our NY uncontested divorce law firm have the training, experience, and expertise to represent you, file your uncontested divorce forms with the court, and undo your marriage. The main headquarters for our uncontested divorce law firm is located in White Plains, NY (Westchester County). However, our lawyers can represent you if you are filing for an uncontested divorce anywhere in the State of New York.

If you have been thinking about a NY uncontested divorce, have been served with papers for an uncontested divorce by your spouse, or something in between, you have come to the right place for information. Our lawyers do for you in executing your NY uncontested divorce, including:

  • Executing on your wishes for child custody
  • Executing on your wishes for child support
  • Executing on your wishes for spousal alimony and support
  • Executing on your wishes for distribution of assets
  • Executing on your wishes for parenting and grand parenting time

Many people try to file their New York uncontested divorce pro se, or without an attorney. However, accurately reducing to writing your wishes and he filing and having the documents approved by a judge are all very technical endeavors. That is why it is better to retain the services of a law firm that has the skill and knowledge to represent you and successfully complete the process. We you retain our NY uncontested divorce attorneys we will walk you through the process, break everything down for you in plain English, and do everything for you on your behalf.

If you have investigated commencing an uncontested divorce, have come across and been confused by terms such as No Fault Divorce, DLR § 236, Statement of Net Worth, affidavit, affirmation, affidavit of service, summons & complaint, equitable interest, and a whole host of other legalese, you should stop right now, pick up the phone, and call us. Getting you through this rubble of confusion is exactly what we exist to do.

In addition, there are also things that persons can do prophylactically in advance of a marriage or divorce. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is why our uncontested divorce law firm also offers:

  • Prenuptial agreement services
  • Postnuptial agreements services

While we strive to give substantive information about NY uncontested divorces throughout this site, we know that no informational web site can cover all the issues that could arise in a New York State uncontested divorce case. This is why we are always available to take your phone call and answer any remaining questions you may have. We chat with people like you seeking information every day, and would love to talk to you as well if you have any questions. So please, feel free to pick up the phone and call.

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"My grandmother and I hired Elisa Claro, Esq. for a ticket that I received shortly before moving out of state. She responded in a professional manner and quickly at that. She got my 5 point ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has received a ticket and needs a lawyer.” Makenly C.